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Experts in Cockroach Pest Control Sydney

Cockroach Pest Control Sydney

Cockroach Pest Control Sydney

Cockroach Pest Control Sydney is just one of the areas covered by Now Pest Control. But Cockroaches tend to be tricky to deal with in many regards – they are strong and resilient. There are 3 major types of cockroaches.

The German Cockroach

The German Cockroach, surprisingly, is the one most commonly found in Sydney, and not the Australian Cockroach. The German Cockroach likes to be near water and is often found near fridges and bathrooms. The German Cockroach is the smallest but breeds the quickest. It is the most abundant and dark brown colour.

The Australian Cockroach

Found in tropical areas, the Australian Cockroach will reproduce rapidly when the temperature is above 80 Degrees Fahrenheit. Australian Roaches will feed on plant material and decaying material. They like starchy material in homes such as book bindings and glue in cardboard boxes. They have eaten holes in clothing.

The American Cockroach

The American Cockroach is the largest kind of cockroach and is a reddish-brown color. American Cockroaches prefer decaying organic matter, but being scavengers will eat anything. Sweets are attractive to the American roach. They also will feed on starchy items like book bindings, and the back of the wallpaper. These cockroaches can fly short distances and like to congregate in open spaces.

Other Kind of Cockroach

We also treat a variety of other kinds of cockroaches, including the Oriental Roach, Brown-Banded Roach, and Woods Cockroach. Correctly identifying the right kind of cockroach is essential for the correct treatment.

One of the ways to treat these cockroaches is with the use of a chemical substance placed near their living areas. The Mother cockroach will eat the substance. After death, the babies will hatch out of the Mother, and the babies will then eat the mother. They will then ingest the chemical substance themselves and die off. Mother cockroaches breed many eggs in a short space of time. So it is necessary to be thorough.

If you are already infested, then you need Cockroach Pest Control Sydney. But there are many ways to prevent cockroach infestation. Superior techniques include:

  • Sealing any cracks, gaps, or openings with caulking compound, putty or plastic wood.
  • Eliminate outdoor and indoor food.
  • Maintain tight-fitting screens, doors, and windows.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner for indoor roaches.
  • Stop water leaks, screen equipment overflow drains, and take overflow water away from buildings; keep drain traps full or capped.
  • Remove rotting leaves from window wells.
  • Move garbage cans out of preferred moist habitat.
  • Ventilate moist spaces.

Practically all kinds of cockroaches prefer to inhabit areas that are damp, moist, and humid. These are the best areas for rapid breeding. Kitchens and bathrooms provide the water and food that cockroaches need to breed. And they breed very rapidly if you don’t get on top of the problem with high-quality cockroach pest control Sydney.

If you have a roach problem, give us a call on 0418-385-653.

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