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About Now Pest Control

Pests are a nuisance! This is why Now Pest Control has dedicated themselves to resolving this issue in Sydney and the wider area.

Now Pest Control has been in operation for over 10 years and are experts in the field – but we are still learning. No two visits to a site are ever the same when dealing with an invasion of bugs.

There is no quick fix to this problem, and each incident has to be examined on a case-by-case basis.

Dealing With a Pest Problem

Prevention is always better than cure. When the pests are already inside, however, more drastic measures are needed. There are myriad ways to get rid of pests, usually, a chemical solution is introduced that they are attracted to eat and the entire swarm or family will eventually die off. There is a problem with the varieties of different pests, and many different species which have disease-carrying tendencies. These must be accounted for, and this is what we specialize in.

About Us

In addition, there are many kinds of infestations to tackle.

Now Pest Control primarily specializes in:

This is because these kinds of problems are the most common requests. But we have remedies available for all manner of pests. Residential and commercial properties can be provided for.


Why Now Pest Control?

There are many reasons to use our services as compared to competitors. We have been in this business for over 10 years and we take pride in what we do. We are upfront about what we charge and when it will be completed.

Our job is not merely to remove the pests. We can also tell you the best ways to keep the property safe from future invasions. There are preventative measures you can take on your own to stop this from happening again. Full-blown inspections and recommendations are available for our clientele.

Whether your property is commercial or residential, when you do run into an infestation, the pests have to be removed from a property quickly and efficiently. In many instances, we can have the home completely clean within 24 hours.

Do you need help getting rid of an infestation?

Give us a quick call on  0418 385 653, for a free quote today.

We Will Get Rid Of

Keeping your home, family & business safe !!

FAST Free Quote

We offer fast & free quotes to get you started with our quality pest control services at the tip of your fingers!

Over 10 Year Experience

Our over 10 years worth of experience in the industry gives us the expert approach to deal with your pest control problems no matter how complex they are!

Family-owned Business

As a family-owned business, we take a personal approach to pest control. We pride ourselves in being reliable and trusted in providing the best results while giving you the top value for money.

Licensed and Fully Insured

We are composed of a licensed and fully-insured team with the necessary equipment and expertise to give you the best pest control services in Sydney and surrounds.

Same Day Service Guarantee

With our same-day service, we can provide your pest control needs fast and efficiently, without any delays!

Excellent Customer Service

We communicate with our clients professionally and with utmost care. We ensure that our pest control services are complete and accommodating to all our clients.

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