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End of Lease Pest Control Flea Treatments Sydney

Is the lease on your apartment nearing its end? Are you getting a new person in to rent your property, or are you looking to enter a new property? If this is the case, one of the first things you will need to do is get an inspection for pest control. At Now Pest Control, we offer a range of End of Lease Pest Control treatments such as Flea or Fumigation Treatments. Call now for fast free quotes if you are looking for quick End of Lease Pest Control In Sydney

End of lease pest control sydney

End of Lease Pest inspections & Fumigation Service in Sydney

In certain regions, end of lease pest control is a legal requirement. Meaning it is something that you have to do when you are leaving a rented home. It could also be within the tenancy agreement. After the pest inspection and removal of any possible pests, the pest removal/inspection company (such as Now Pest Control) can give you a certificate to testify to the cleanliness of the premises.

If you are a rental property owner, then you definitely want to get this checked out regularly. Nothing will damage your reputation more quickly than failure to tackle pests. Tenants will not put up with it. And termites can devastate an entire property if left unchecked.

Annual Pest Inspection

An annual pest inspection is definitely a great option. Pest inspection costs can vary greatly depending on what you are looking for. But it should not be more than $300 total to see where your unit stands. In most cases, it will quickly become obvious when you have an infestation. Seeing ants or cockroaches is not a pleasant experience that you can easily ignore.

But the pest inspection will go a step further and tell you of potential areas where you might need to look at. These are preventative steps that can help prevent an infestation in the first place. This is why it is the best way to stay safe and clean.

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