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Ants are generally viewed mostly as a nuisance rather than as a real threat. They don’t carry diseases in the same way as compared to rodents or even other bugs. But they are still a real nuisance. Most are small, and the Bull Ant (the one to steer clear of) does not enter buildings all that often. It is easy to remove ants, as long as you can find their nest. But many times, the nest is in an inaccessible location. If you are looking for an Ant pest control Sydney expert, then we have dealt with all major types of ants. Now Pest Control has a variety of tools to deal with extermination so you never have to deal with the problem again.

Ant Removal Treatments & Preventions – All About Ants

In Australia, there are broadly two kinds of ant – brown and black. The major category of brown ant is the Argentine, which everybody knows about. These ants travel in a straight line and often travel by the millions. Yes, you heard correctly. They are attracted by sweet things and if you see them, then it is often recommended to consult the health authorities. But these are rare instances. Most other types of ants are straightforward to get rid of, including the Darwin, the Odorous, the Pharaoh’s, the Coastal brown and the Black ants. The odorous is the only type that leaves off an odor when crushed. But you can’t just go around stomping ants. It simply won’t work.

Ants and termites are often confused. But termites are attracted to wood, and ants are attracted to sweets and certain odours. Our Ant pest control Sydney services have different remedies for each.

Ant Pest Control Sydney

Ant Pest Control Sydney - FAQ's

A chemical solution is often best. What happens is that a chemical product which the ants are attracted to is placed along the ant trail. The ants then start eating this product and dying off. There are many chemical products with various brand names that do a good job.

This largely depends on what you are doing. It can also depend on the variety of any. You might need multiple visits from an exterminator and you may also need some structural/carpentry work completed to resolve the issue.

Exterminators know how to get rid of ants quickly and effectively as they’re one of the most common household nuisances. Baits, granules, dusts, and certain liquid sprays may be used to treat an ant problem. An good exterminator will also help you deal with hard-to-reach areas like air ducts and crawlspaces, but this may cost extra.

You could expect to see ants up to 3 weeks after the solution has been applied. However, the majority should have died off within the first week. It takes time for it to filter all the way back to the colony.

The first step would be to remove all sweet food or all food that is outside of sealed areas. You also want to seal up your home as much as possible, though ants will often find a way if you leave food out. When you kill ants, clean up with a vinegar-based solution. This will repel them. Try cleaning all services with this solution, and it will put them off. If all else fails, call upon Ant Extermination Sydney.

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