Possum Pest Control Sydney

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Possum Pest Control Sydney

Possums look cute and furry. However, they can be problematic to homes and businesses in Sydney. When threatened, they leave an odor. There are over 23 species of Possum in Australia. They are herbivores but are also known to eat insects and birds’ eggs. Possums often take residence in tree hollows and also find their way into roof spaces of homes and businesses. 

In Australia, it is against the law to trap or kill possums, which means you have to be careful in their removal. You are required to call in a licensed expert who can then remove the possum from your property. Possums can build nests on your roof and are normally attracted by leftover foods or simply a nice and elevated place with shelter.

If you have a nice, juicy garden, make sure it is possum proof. They will eat the plants in your garden unless you deter them. Possums are nocturnal animals, and they like to sneak around while you sleep at night. 

Possum Removal Sydney

If you are looking to prevent Possums from entering your home or garden, there are some moderately effective remedies. Sprinklers can keep them away from gardens, and molasses (black treacle) is also a deterrent.

The Two most common types of possums in Australia include the Common Brushtail Possum and the Common Ringtail Possum. Common Ringtail Possums can be found all along the East of Australia and SW Western Australia while Common Brushtail Possums flourish throughout mainland Australia, Tasmania, and Kangaroo Island.

Due to the myriad of laws and regulations surrounding possums, they are no longer the cute furry creatures that are nice to watch. They are pests that can eat your garden and fruit in your home. Many tests have demonstrated that when a possum is hungry, odors and other DIY remedies have no effect. If you need Sydney pest control services to relocate or Possum Removal Sydney, give us a call on 0418 385 653!

Quotes are free, and we can help you stay on the right side of the law by relocating the Possum to a more natural habitat, where it belongs.

If you live or work in Sydney’s inner west, Eastern Suburbs, North Shore and most suburbs make sure  that your property is possum proof. possums are rigid creatures and once they find a way into your home or business, they can cause significant damage to the property. Here are some important things to know about possum removal pest control in the inner west of Sydney:

Possums Are Protected Animals In Australia

Possums, as cute as they look can cause serious damage to your property if not eliminated in time. But before you take any action remember that they are protected animals under Australian law. This means that they cannot be harmed or killed and should be removed by a licensed trained professional who can safely remove them. If you are experiencing a possum problem, it's recommended to contact Now Pest Control to ensure that they are removed humanely and in compliance with the law.

Possum Inspection

Thorough inspection of the property is an important step in possum removal pest control. A thorough inspection will help to identify areas where possums are likely to be present. The inspector will also look for signs of possum activity, such as droppings, scratches, rub markings and nests.

Possum Proofing

Once possums have been identified, exclusion is the next step in pest control. This involves sealing up any gaps or openings in the building that possums can use to enter and exit. This may include gaps around pipes, vents, and roofing tiles. It's important to use materials that are durable and possum-proof, such as metal flashing or heavy-duty mesh.

Possum Removal

Possums can be removed by several methods. The preferred method is a one way door. However, trapping is another method used for possum removal pest control. Traps are usually set in areas such as rooftops where possums are likely to be present. Possums are clever and can be tricky to catch if they have been caught before. Now Pest Control also uses monitor cameras to ensure all possums are removed to avoid ongoing issues. It's important to use humane traps that do not harm the possums, and to release them into a suitable habitat once they have been caught.

Possum Prevention

What is more important after eliminating the possums from your property is preventing their reoccurrences. Maintaining a clean and tidy environment and storing food in sealed containers are some of the ways you can rule out future possum occurrences. Another preventative measure is trimming trees and bushes away from the building. It will prevent possums from using them as a means of access.

Contact Us For Possum Control Sydney

If you need possum removal in Sydney’s  inner west, Eastern Suburbs or North Shore, contact Now Pest Control who are experienced and a licensed possum removal service. They will be able to conduct a thorough inspection of the property, develop a customised possum removal and prevention plan, and ensure that possums are removed humanely and in compliance with the law and National Parks Australia.

By taking these steps, you will be protecting your property and also taking care of these protected animals.

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