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If you are running a business you would be aware of how important an effective pest control solution and management program is for your reputation. Now Pest Control are qualified pest control Sydney experts with knowledge across many business sectors including healthcare, Hospitality, family housing and facilities management.  We understand the standards and food safety laws that govern businesses in the food supply and food storage chain including food processors, grocery stores, factories, warehousing, hotels and restaurants.

We can provide advice and pest management solutions on building protection, pest prevention and pest treatments to enable your business to meet auditing requirements and remain legally compliant with food safety laws, standards and regulations.

Food processing

Now Pest Control can help guard your food supplies, packaging, stores, production lines and finished products business from pests.

Food retail stores and Food Storage

Our technicians have expert food safety knowledge and experience to provide long-term protection from small food retail stores, warehouse storage facilities and large supermarkets chains

Restaurants and bars

Reach out to Now Pest Control experts to organize a solution to make sure your hospitality venue is pest free. We are experienced in making sure pests that are attracted to stored food and fresh food waste throughout your restaurants, bars and entertainment establishments are clean.


Be it food and non-food setting we have advanced solutions to protect your guests, staff and your business from unwanted pests

  • Facilities management
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Grocery stores
  • Government
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Schools
  • Strata Management
  • Real Estate Properties management
  • Warehouses

End of Lease

It is often good after a lease ends be it a commercial property or domestic / residential property to have a pest control treatment giving you peace of mind and also mitigating any issues for the next tenant. We find many of our real estate and property management clients do this as a selling point to give their next client peace of mind they have a clean pest free property when they move in.

Strata Management

We work with strata management companies to support with annual, bi annual and adhoc pest control requirements to keep be it commercial, residential or industrial properties pest free. We also provide inspections, reports and regular pest management plans and solutions for any pest requirements.

Pest inspections

If you are buying, selling, renting or own a property be it domestic or commercial it is a good idea to have a pest inspection, pre purchase pest inspection or at least annual pest treatment. Now Pest Control Sydney provide home owners, lease holders, Real Estate Agents, Property Managers and many commercial business’ pest inspections and reports to give you peace of mind.

We provide a full report with photos and detail description of all areas of the property and any pest activity, advise and recommendations with all the important information such as property damage, mold, pest activity, poor ventilation and any high-risk areas to give you confidence in what you need.

We will work with you to set up an appointment and walk you through the procedure.

Save over $220 treating up to 15 different pests

Inside and Outside your home

Up to 6 months warranty for internal areas

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